Looking back a few months…from a previous blog.

Look out cuz world, here I come!

Look out cuz world, here I come!

Ummm, yea…as you see two months have passed since my last post. I knew it would roll this way. Well, in-between hauling the kids around, school activities, homework and projects, sports, daily errands and serving as the household maid (thanks Sammy for peeing your bed last night!) there is little time to sit and “blog.” As it is now there is a million and one things I could and should be doing, like raunchy smelling pee laundry but instead I opt to sit here and sip on my coffee while the house is quiet. The kids are at school and I have about one hour before I have to pick Sammy up from pre-school. Speaking of Sammy…I can not believe how grown up four year old kids are today. While dropping him off at school today his classmate turned to me with a sly smile on his face as he said “Mrs. (teacher’s name) you’re a HOT MUTHUR!” I turned my head to hide my reaction, which is what he was after. The teacher, who was caught off guard, choked on her saliva and promptly told me how they were working with this child on respect and how to properly address teachers. What? A four year old boy calling out that his pre-school teacher is a HOT MUTHUR isn’t respectful? I can’t wait to see him in high school. Although I should not be too hard on the little guy considering Sammy has proudly added “nuts” and “balls” to his vocabulary (thanks older brother Josh) as well as sign language with the middle finger.  He has also discovered that a swift hit to the male genitalia area can produce a rapid crippling effect providing him with a much needed advantage against his older brother, who towers over him. The sound of Sammy wailing, because he is not getting what he wants followed by a painful grunt and sometimes a falling thud to the ground from Josh is all to familiar in this household. But the absolute proudest parental moment comes when we’re out at a heavily populated store and Sammy loudly announces “Oww, that cart hurt my nuts!” or “I have to scratch my balls.”  Or when we’re driving in the car and all of a sudden we hear roars of laughter erupt from the back.  As oblivious parents we proudly assume that our children are engaging in sibling bonding because THAT is what we want to believe.  However, we quickly (thanks to the disgusted glares from passing cars) discover that Sammy has given an innocent passenger/driver in another car “the bird.”  Lovely.  Needless to say, we are implementing corrective processes to deal with these recently added vocab words and finger action (like still pretending to be oblivious).  However, it doesn’t help matters that his older siblings laugh hysterically when he uses such words or sign language. Realizing that he can obtain such a reaction causes him to continue with the slang. Although on the other end of the spectrum he also has quite the medical vocabulary for anatomical locations. Once he was heard referring to a bloody nose as “I’m bleeding from my nasal cavity!!” And when he gets cut he’ll often say “I have a laceration.” So if we can get the nuts and balls to somehow turn into vocabulary testicles we’d be in a less embarrassing situation right? One thing I’ve learned from parenthood is that embarrasing moments are a part of life. Embrace them. Live, Laugh Love!


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