To plan or not to plan?

Those of you who know me (I mean really know me) know that I take things as they come. Total type B. In fact type B was created to describe me the day I began to suck air. The Dr. announced to my parents “Mr. and Mrs. A congratulations you have a type B!!!”

Each year major and minor events come like say, oh maybe…the birth days of my children. I know these events are coming up as they do every year and mentally I make a notation of their arrival. But when it comes to preparation I just can’t get myself wrapped enough to plan ahead. I’m usually flying around a day or two (if I’m REALLY organized) before the set date of the celebration.

So when I overheard my newly turned 10yr old son, explain to his friend in great detail and with obvious meticulous mental preparation the exact flow of his upcoming party, I knew things had to change! I silently took notes from his conversation. I smiled as I overheard that he even had a time of “relaxing” in the party line up.

I have made a mental note to self…I will plan ahead…I will plan ahead…I think I can plan ahead…I will try to plan ahead…possibly I will plan ahead…

The party, my son’s party is tomorrow….I really need to plan ahead!!!


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