The cool moms

Be cool, be you.

Be cool, be you.

I was sitting in the orthodontist office waiting for my daughter who is in phase II of treatment and undergoing braces yet again.  The boys were occupied by the various fish and critters on display in the office tanks so I grabbed a magazine and allowed myself the rare opportunity to become engrossed in the most recent brain candy.  I was jerked from my tabloid reading by these words

“Yea, I only talk to the cool moms too and got in that clique as quickly as I could.” 

What?  A cool clique for moms?  Didn’t they ever progress past highschool? Appearently not because their conversation continued along the path of social status and groups, name brand clothing for their kids, looks and appearances etc etc.  Right at that moment my youngest voiced loudly that he had to “PEE NOW.”  Smiling, I put my magazine down on the chair and ushered him past the “cool” mom clique to the bathroom.  As I excused myself past these mothers, I glanced at them only to see that they were giving me the “once over” looking at my clothing (T- shirt, jeans and flip flops).  They totally ignored me, that is my face and continued with their stares.

Pee crisis adverted I returned to my seat and discovered that their conversation was still centered on the superficial things in life which they briefly paused to allow me to pass but not without more inquisitive looks.  Would they speak to me?  Did I meet their “cool” criteria?  Did I care?

Who knows, who knows and No.  Picking up my magazine I totally ignored their gazes and went back to my brain candy.

My daughter arrived moments later flashing her new braced smile, which was clear thanks to ceramic technology.  She hugged me grateful for the clear braces and replied “Thanks mom, you’re sooo Cool!”

Cool indeed!


4 responses to “The cool moms

  1. I love it! That’s the best affirmation that you could get! You def are a cool mom!

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  3. I live next to cool moms in designer clothes. I swear EVERY time they had a meeting in the yard, I was wearing my REM 2003 concert tshirt and jeans. I haven’t been asked over this year (now I wear a lot of Barry Manilow gear which I’m pretty sure is close to Ralph Lauren shirts.)

    • Marianne the Barry Manilow/Ralph Lauren comment caught me off guard just as I was entering the awkward stage of swallowing. I inhaled my spit and the bronchospasm followed! Congrats, now I have another physical reaction of laughter to add to the tea spewing and urinary dribble.
      ROTFLOL (and trying to breath)

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