Why ya gotta be so mean?



Have you ever noticed how some people thrive on being mean?  They wake up mean, continue the theme throughout the day and eventually go to sleep with an amped up version of mean coursing through their veins only to repeat the cycle the next day. The meanness becomes so severe that even to look at them produces anxiety.  Now granted, I’ve had my share of mean and I’m sure I have dosed out some serious ugliness over the course of time however, this is certainly not my normal state of being.

I began thinking about the meanness plaguing creation when two things occurred recently. First a wild maniacal woman exited her car and began shouting obscenities at me in the middle of traffic.  Now, I will admit to some mad driving skills but during this incident I was driving Miss Daisy thanks to my new 4 cylinder, seriously low on power vehicle.  Before you assume this lack of power was the reason for her psychotic break, she was IN FRONT of me the entire time.  I do not have a clue as to the reason for her mental instability and therefore smiled through fits of laughter and waved to her.  This course of action was probably not the best choice because it seemed only to fuel her psychosis and threatened to provide the kids with an earful of colorful adjectives had I not speedily cranked up the music drowning her out!!  Eventually the light changed and she was forced to reoccupy her vehicle while spewing her hate along the pavement as I continued to laugh and smile.

Secondly, an impatient check out lady nearly took my youngest son’s arm off and yelled at him harshly for…ready?  HANDING her his Push Up Pop to check out!!!  Now I can get the whole over worked and under paid, stressed out vibe because as a Nurse Practitioner, I’m living it!! Or the unbearable misbehaved child whose parents continue to live in denial and think is an angel…BUT c’mon who wouldn’t smile at the sweetness of a 5yr old excitedly handing you his beloved, cherished, pry it from my sticky, dirty hand Push Up Pop??  Instead he nearly lost his arm and was admonished to “LEAVE IT ON THE COUNTER!!”  You could almost see the aura of negativity and darkness around her.  He maneuvered with caution never taking his eyes off  the “beast” who had taken his Push Up Pop hostage.  Rescuing his Push Up Pop from her claws he whispered in my ear “why ya gotta be so mean lady???”

Why ya gotta be so mean people???  Be nice.  Life is too short.  Take the high road, the view is better!


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