It’s My Blog and I Can Write if I Want To!

Boy, you know public opinion is a force to reckon with when you begin to hesistate on a blog topic with “who may be reading the blog” in mind so as not to offend.  But ya’know what?  I’m going to write what I’m thinking about right now.  I’m throwing this out to you guys to chew on. 

What is it about society, our culture that teaches, mainly by example, that the elite, the gifted, the advanced, the “cream of the crop” perfect humans are better than the rest of mankind?  From the time we are young we are set up and measured by a set of pre-determined standards.  Whose standards?  How did they come into being? What gives them power?  Why do they attempt to dictate how we are classified or what we become?  Dumb, poor, divorced, short, crippled, ugly, single mothers/fathers, sensitive, clumsy, beautiful, rich, smart, athletic and blah, blah, blah the list can go on ad nauseum.

We see these examples solidified when school sport teams only play the “first string” while the kids sitting on the sidelines are dubbed “bench warmers.”  I’ve seen coaches soooo consumed (to the point of possession complete with facial contortion, head spinning, pea soup spitting action and all) with winning that they segreate and clique up their players breeding and feeding division.  Rather than a unified team mentality it becomes one of fragmentation…those who play and bond from the experience and those who don’t.  BUT it is most laughable when they then turn and preach team spirit and team unity to their members!!  How much more meaningful would it be for these coaches to play some of the inexperienced players and bring out the hidden potential waiting to be birthed in these kids?!  What a way to communicate value and worth.  Wow.  Sadly, it appears the win, the title, the notarity has become the ultimate idol.

We see mothers/women form groups where their members are sized up and evaluated before entrance is permitted.  We see kids who follow in the example of their parents and exclude other kids for one ridiculous reason or another.  We see men measuring, among other things their salaries, strength, and babe-a-liciousness against other men.  Sensitivity is seen as weakness and young boys are told to “man up” if they demonstrate too much emotion.  Irresponsibility and immaturity are often viewed with a “boys will be boys” attitude and all too often mature or responsible men are referred to as ‘Hen Pecked.’

I could go on and on and on and on and on and on but….you get the point!  So I challenge you to: break out of the classifications.  Refuse to be labeled.  Dare to be different.  Love yourself for yourself.  Accept no boundaries.  Hold your head high.  Welcome others even if they are different.  Stomp out judgement.  Cry.  Be real.  But most of all….

Get in the GAME!!!!


One response to “It’s My Blog and I Can Write if I Want To!

  1. WOW!!!! Preach it sister!

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