My readings of late:

Under the Overpass by Mike Yankoski: Book Cover

Ok, now this book will get you: thinking, squirming, inspired, appalled, and among other things ready to buy up some fast food and go on a homeless hunting expedition!  The church is falling so very, very short regarding what we should be doing for the world.  “Heal the sick, cleanse the lepers, raise the dead, cast out devils: freely you have received, freely give.”  Sound familiar?  Like, say from someone, oh like…Jesus?!  He did “great” things and what did he say in the book of John (ch 14 vs 12)?  How about “…greater things than these shall you do!”  Oh, yeah!  Now I will admit that if a crud caked, homeless, lice infested, diseased leper was walking, hobbling or meandering my way, I just may be tempted to engage in advanced tactical advoidance maneuvers (i.e. R-U-N!!) But then I’d have to ask myself the overused but very practical question:  What Would Jesus Do?  Um, yeah.

Cover Image

Fictionally CHILLING!  Wrap up: it’s about EMP weapons and how they have the ever growing potential to render our world prehistoric.  Just the idea that some of this is based on facts in enough to get you to stock pile enough grub, guns, water and equipment to become kin to folks who live deep in the hills of the south and name their children Earl, Bubba and Imogene.  If anything like this every happened I’d want the Earls, Bubba’s and Imogenes of this world watching my backside, providing they didn’t eat it first!

Cover Image

We are sons and daughters, Princes and Princesses of the Lord most high yet we act like paupers begging for bread.  “Oh, just worms are we…wiggley worms, worthless of breath…” is the thought of many Christians today.  C’mon, we need to accept our birthright and exercise the “on earth as it is in heaven” principle that Jesus taught us about in the Lords prayer.  I’m ready for some earth shakin’ Heaven…You?   

Cover Image

Trying to read this…I’ll hold my tongue for now until I actually finish.

Cover Image

Ahhh, the ever popular Twilight Saga.  I devoured these babies in 3 days f.l.a.t.  Granted, I traded sleep to finish them sooo rapidly and as a result I resembled a rough, zoombie like, vampire-esque creature (not at all beautiful like the girly vamps on the movie).  But hey, the brain candy called and I was in need of a fix.

Cover Image

Love, Love, Love the cultural flare and writing ability of this chick.  I was ready to put on my traditional Indian clothing (who cares that I don’t actually own any), grind up some turmeric, blast out some tunes on the Satyr and get a Bindi tattooed on my forehead.  I felt Indian.  No, while reading this book, I WAS Indian.  Wicked Cool.

I love to read and will post my opinions, my humble “worm” opinions here from millenium to millenium.  There have been so many good reads…I’ll have to dig them up from the ancient rollodex system I like to call my memory.  Stay tuned!


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