Wanna dance?

Would you like to dance?

Would you like to dance?

At some point in our lives I’m sure we’ve all been asked the question “Do you want to dance?” It is pure rapture when you actually want to dance with the hottie asking the question.  Maybe we’ve been googling him with our blinky eyes all evening until he finally gained enough courage to approach.  The walk onto the dance floor is escalating but nothing compares to the actual dance.  A psycho-physical cocktail of bliss providing you don’t barf from the excitement or nervously chatter until you pass out.

However, nothing is worse than being asked this question by someone you find less than desirable…a total skeeve ball…a slimy specimen of nature and I’m not talking just body oil or zits either (think Ghost busters slime!!)  Even more troubling is when the person will not accept our polite “no thank-you” or worse yet when we allow this toad to dance with us. Dudes can be plagued by psycho stalker chicks who want their own personal John Travolta on the dance floor so I’m not just referring to girl victims here.  But I still shudder when I think back to my dancin’ days and all of the bleary eyed, inebriated guys slurring and spitting all over me as they formed the question “Wansa Danccce?” Eww. Gross.  Get a coffee and please, brush your teeth! 

Dance with me!

Dance with me!

I’m assuming it’s becoming clear that I am referring to more than just a simple earthly dance.  You see we are asked each and every day to dance.  One partner is that hottie.  He is pure, clean and totally d-e-s-i-r-a-b-l-e!  He brings us worlds of happiness, wholeness, freedom, pure love, health, forgiveness and life like never before…the eternal stuff.  While the other may try to pull off being a GQ model under the charade he is really nothing more than a sulfurous toad spitting and spewing his filth.  Eventually his false beauty melts away like wax exposed to a flame revealing his true nature.  His songs are tunes of debt, sickness, depression, bondage, lies, selfishness, pity, destruction, sorrow, death and oh. my. gosh. does the list go on!!  The music can be captivating, fun, entertaining and before we know it we are gettin’ down to a beat that will beat us down.  You gotta Stop, Hammer-time.  Yes, really stop.  Break the dance.  Look at your partner and listen to what they are saying.  Then decide if you want to continue with the dance. 

Stop.  Look.  Listen.  It’s that simple.


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