I do.

I recently celebrated my 16th year wedding anniversary.  We were thankful to grab a quick lunch together while the kids were in school and that was the extent of our celebration.  I’m not upset, on the contrary.  It was sooooo nice to be able to actually taste and chew before swallowing my meal.  Usually I practice the inhalation method and hope I don’t aspirate anything!   We were able to speak uninterrupted and finish our meal without taking someone to the public restroom to “poo.”  Nothing is worse that to receive your hot, delish meal only to hear the dreaded “I have to POOP!!” followed by (or at times preceeding the verbal declaration) some foul butt gas.  At this stage in the game it is the youngest who bellows out these plagued words but we’ve had our share of poop duty from the other two as well.

Anyway, here is what I Do brought me these past 16 years: 

  1. Toxic farts on a nuclear level powerful enough to cause a collapsed lung
  2. Rat piles of clothing heaped in various corners of the house
  3. Pubic hairs all over the bathroom
  4. Happiness
  5. Tooth paste smeared in places I didn’t know existed within the sink
  6. Dishes and cups left conveniently in front of the TV
  7. Teasing
  8. Laundry out the you-know-what
  9. A television monopoly
  10. Joy
  11. Someone to keep me warm at night
  12. Earth shattering snores (not from me either)
  13. Football and every sport imaginable…some he actually has to participate in
  14. Flirting
  15. Stuff, usually mine, mysteriously moved, misplaced and even lost
  16. A best friend
  17. A level headed listener with God given wisdom and insight
  18. Bob Villa – really the Donnie man can fix or “Jerry rig” anything!
  19. Beautiful children
  20. Freedom 
  21. Comfort
  22. Security in knowing that at any given moment a gun will be loaded and fired dead on the mark should the need arise
  23. Travel and new places to live
  24. Laughter
  25. Peace
  26. Love…

I did, I do, I’m doing marriage and it is the ultimate journey!


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