Look into my eyes.

No shifty eye here!

No shifty eye here!

School started weeks ago, actually we’re going on our second month, and I have been schemed, tricked, deceived, duped, worked over, and worst of all it was intentionally pre-planned, pre-conceived, every detail worked out to theatrical perfection by my 5yr old baby!!!  How does this happen you ask?  I’m still asking that question myself.  I am an experienced mother of three who is pushing 40.  I have been through all of the trickery.  I can look into their eyes and instantly discern whether my flesh and blood is lying to me…well, after this episode I would have to insert “usually” – “I can usually look into their eyes….”  So, what is the deal?  What happened?  I believe it was the sheer genius, the cunning intelligence used to pull off the heist successfully.

For weeks my baby has had me convinced that to receive a Strike in school was a good thing awarded for good behavior and points were bad.  When one was given so many strikes a prize was achieved.  I questioned him repeatedly as to whether he had heard the teacher correctly.  I explained to him how strikes were usually bad and points good.  You know, the three strikes “You’re OUT” deal.  Each time he insisted he was correct with a,

Yes, mommy they are good, I’m sure of it.”

Then there was the academy award-winning performances each day after school as he would excitedly exclaim,

Guess How Many Strikes I Got Today MommyGuess?!?” 

Usually a “one” or “two” would be his excited, proud reply.  I still had my doubts.  Something just didn’t feel right.  I began to ask what he did to receive a strike.  To this question he ran out of the room and I became distracted by another kid.  I’d ask exactly how many strikes was needed to receive a prize.  Again, he’d mysteriously avoid the question or innocently reply,

 “I don’t know.” 

Then there were the comments by older brother who reported that he overheard one of his  younger brother’s classmates receiving a strike for talking too loudly in line.  My youngest denied it.

The big bust:  We were driving to the Orthodontist office after school when he replied with his usual excitement,

Guess how many strikes I got today…TWO!!!”

His older brother reported again that he overheard a student receiving a strike for poor line behavior.  I again asked if he was certain strikes were good.  Of course he was.  After debating the issue, with continued input from his older brother, I made a remark that I was going to seek clarification from his teacher.  To this he WAILED,

 “NOOOOO, don’t!!!  I don’t want you to find out what they REALLY mean!!!”

Silence.  Silence.  Uh, no still can’t speak..Silence.

Kids laughing.

He knew?  He knew all along?  More Silence.  Disbelief.  Laughing, or me trying to suppress my laughter at the realization of what had just occurred.  Shock.  Realizing his slip up, he denied knowing for a good 45 min until he finally broke and fessed up to the entire sham.

Wow.  He had pulled off some serious moves without blinking an eye.  One: realize strikes were bad.  Two: develop a plan to avoid discipline.  Three: deliver academy award-winning performances  Four: make everyone believe the lie.  Am I living in a Soap Opera?

The once excitedly announced strikes are no more.  Now that the gig is up the “strike” word is never mentioned…suspicious?  Yea, I know.  I’m on it, I’m on it.


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