Never Say Never!

Why?  Because the moment you utter the “never” word is the moment (or expect it to happen in the future) you will be doing the very thing you claimed you would never, ever be doing.  Some previous spoken nevers in my life that turned out to be, well, not so never:

  1. Never live in the East
  2. Never leave the city
  3. Never eat gross, unidentified food (thanks hubs for making this never happen!)
  4. Never leave the ICU (spoken in my younger, thrill seeking days)
  5. Never wipe poopy butts especially NOT adult butts (wiped enough to open a sanitation business)
  6. Never watch baseball again after Sid Bream took the win for the Braves in 1992 when they vs. the Pirates
  7. Never own a minivan
  8. Never not own a minivan – I MISS my mini van.  Sad face.
  9. Never have my sleep interrupted by a dog
  10. Never go to graduate school
  11. Never get out of shape again
  12. Never break no wheat/gluten diet
  13. Never get another dog
  14. Never get a facial piercing
  15. Never bite my nails
  16. Never speak willingly (i.e. not mandated for a grade) in public
  17. Never wear ugly clothes
  18. Never be late
  19. Never laugh at someone
  20. Never watch a soap opera
  21. Never say “never”

 Some nevers are a part of our core values and we hold onto them.  Others are beyond our control.  Things happen that change and influence the reality of our lives.  New information.  Exhaustion. Life experiences.  Persuasion.   Beware:  I “will never” can come back to haunt you.



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