I cried.

I can’t believe that I am about to blog about this.  I cried.  The fact that I cried is not the focus but why, or rather what I was watching when I cried.  It’s no secret that I am an easy tear target.  Plop me down in front of a program dealing with relationships or loss and I instantly turn into a heap of liquid saline.  My children find this talent of mine very amusing and usually burst into fits of laughter while I blubber.  However, never in a gazillion years did I think I would ever, ever, ever, never ever-ever cry while watching…..The Duggers!  Yes, you heard me correctly…. The  litter producing Duggers made me cry.  While I have tremendous respect for this family for numerous reasons, financial sense being one (They’re debt FREE!!!!), I never would have imagined tears escaping from my eye sockets while watching one of their episodes.  Just the fact that they have 18 kids and are currently baking #19 is enough to cause a butt puckering, wincing reaction NOT one of heart felt emotion in the form of tears.

The responsible tear producing episode was the one in which Anna gave birth from home.  I was not prepared for the emotional reaction that I experienced when she delivered their 1st baby, a girl in their bedroom with the help of a Doula.  I have watched numerous episodes of labor and delivery shows on TLC and never even blinked back a single tear.  I have participated in births at the hospital and all but yawned in the expectant parents faces from a lack of sleep the night before.  So why did watching this birth produce such an emotional reaction?  I’m still pondering that myself.  However, I believe it was due to the overall serene, the calm, the love and support from those around her.   She handled the experience like a dignified woman as did those around her.  Nothing serves as an emotional buzz kill like seeing a woman screaming, spitting, cursing, yelling insults, hitting and throwing herself around on the bed like a harpooned whale!  This episode demonstrated the pure beauty of life producing birth.  Seeing the baby girl enter the world into the hands of her father in an environment of peace was more than enough to open the flood gates of my eyes!

I cried and the Duggers made me do it.


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