I’m so tired I could….

  • …fall head first and enjoy it
  •  collapse in a heap
  • stay in bed for a few days
  • go to bed without brushing my teeth
  • sleep with my eyes open
  • skip meals or at least swallow them whole
  • sleep until afternoon

When did our schedules become so crazed?  When did we as societal parents feel it a necessity to sign our offspring up for every activity imaginable?  Not that we do every activity imaginable in our family.  We have a ‘one sport’ and ‘one fine art’ per kid rule here and I’m STILL in the car for obscene amounts of time.  Why is it a bad thing for kids to have down time?  I think they need it.  “Back in my day” is a famous quote used by old timers but I’m about to pull it out right now…back in my day we would spend hours upon hours creating our own fun in the backyard.  Mudpies, hide-n-seek, sand boxes, swimming, sprinklers, and kick ball were some of the activities that sustained us.  Yes, we were stung by bees, unsupervised, injured, filthy dirty, punched by the neighborhood bully, and exposed to the elements but we had fun and much to the delight of our parents, we collapsed in bed at night.  Why do we feel it our job to entertain our kids today?  Why do we cram our schedules to provide this entertainment?  Why are we so rushed?  Do you know I was almost taken out today by a male shopper at Toys R Us?  Obviously the dude was stressed but c’mon s-l-o-w down, it’s not going to shave off any minutes from your jammed schedule to decapitate me in the doorway as you tear into the store.  For real, the guy was psycho with glazed over eyes on a mission.  He didn’t even turn to apologize for the head injury (which will likely bruise) he administered to my temporal skull region.  Not that any apology would make things better.  I hate that too.  Adults act horrid, lacking all social grace, and then expect an “I’m sorry” to make it all cool.  But anyway, exhaustion is knocking, beating, tearing down my door and I’m going to sle…..


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