Cuz it’s blurry like that


Not only am I no longer a bladder of steel girl but, my hawk eye is, less hawkish.  I first noticed the ‘blur’ effect when one of the kids shoved a paper under my face for me to read.  i reacted as i had seen my mother react many times before…grab the paper, make the whoa move it back face, and proceed to do just that…move the paper back.

Horror.  The realization of the maneuver for the aged that I had just performed hit and I stood frozen.  Immediately I pulled the paper back to where it was closer to my face and examined nature’s reaction for aging eyes that I had so instinctually preformed.  Yep.  Blurry. No doubt about it, no way to deny the fuzzy letters barely visible on the page.  Not willing to relinquish, I kept the paper in place and read through the blur and I continue to read through the blur in cross-eyed denial as I strain to focus.  I will not succumb and stretch out my arm. I will proceed to read at turtle speed as long as I am reading unassisted.  I will punch my kids in the mouth each time they jump in impatiently and finish the sentence for me.

I will dance, prance, wiggle and giggle as I fight the aging bladder.  I will be a slow, cross-eyed reading wonder as I fight the aging eyes.  I just may give in to the gym, which has been trying to seduce me for decades, and fight gravity’s toll on my bod.

Getting old is not for the faint of heart.  That’s my story (for now) and I’m sticking to it (until you see me styling out some depends and glasses!)


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