The Smell of Boy

My older son had some friends come home after school this week.  My dad picked up my youngest thereby freeing up a seat in our five seater ride.  As we were leaving the school the boys exited with woots, back packs flying along with punches and tackling.  They were sweaty, covered with mud from recess and generally disgusting.  My daughter looked at the rowdy dudes, then at me, then at our car, then back at the dudes and finally at me replying “This is going to be A LONG ride home!” 

A long ride indeed.  Given that our car is compact (I’m going to repeatedly use this word to drive the point home) it sounded like these young men where right in my ear.  There were roars of laughter, hitting, unidentifiable noises, one of which being sprays from a can of Axe.  After the “kksssss” sound we were enveloped in an Axe cloud.  We (the females – the boys were unaffected) gasped, coughed, sneezed and struggled to breath.  I gripped the steering wheel focusing on keeping the car on the road.  My female counterpart suggested I go to my “Happy place” because she was trying to find hers.

During our journey in our compact vehicle she asked “Did someone fart?”  I replied “No, honey that’s just the smell of boys!”


2 responses to “The Smell of Boy

  1. maybe a good lesson for her to stay away from them…meaning BOYS!! and once again…I LOVE your blog…keeps me amused…Im still laughing at your latest wal-mart excursion with Sam!

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