I am a night person, hear me…howl?



sigh…still sighing…deep breath…ahh.  Ok, I am really enjoying sitting down in this chair and hearing nothing but silence!  Well, silence for me is the faint sound of the TV downstairs accompanied by my hubby’s roars of laughter, the dog’s snoring and the house making it’s weird creaking noises.  But hey, overall this is quiet compared to the sonic boom of chaotic noises and activity that sound off around here daily.  The shrieks, the screams, the burps and other body noises,  the wails of protest, the barking – occasionally from a child but usually from  the dogs- the laughter, the shouts of excitement over new discoveries, the slamming doors, the sound of feet running or pounding on the floor, car doors opening and closing multiple times throughout the day, homework books being opened followed by a loud “MOM, I have a question….”, utensils clanking against the dinner plates, slurping, chewing, running water, brushing of the teeth, gargling, more laughter, more protest, more little feet walking and finally…snoring!  Beautiful snoring is one of the sounds that welcome me to the silence of the night.

I like the night.  I finally come alive at night.  I am a bonified night person and I have my mother and her lineage to thank for this trait.  I’ve made excuses.  I’ve felt condemned.  I’ve tried to go to bed early to “re-set” my intrinsic clock.  I’ve gotten up before the sun and all living creatures.  But ya’know what?  None of it worked!  It is as if my DNA is set to awaken after dark.  I’m more productive, more creative, and more functional during this time of day, or rather, night.  So I’m here to proudly proclaim….I’m A Night Person and I Like It!!!!


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