It’s been awhile….

…since my last post.  Whew, things have been b-u-s-y, busy.  I have so little time to do the things I enjoy and as the years pass they seem to grow more and more hectic.  But I have learned something these last few weeks.  Actually it was something I already knew but haven’t experienced for a while.  A simple little word called Peace.

Such an amazing feeling when present.  When Peace shows up you can stare in the face of impossibility and laugh.  I like to call this my “crazy Peace.”  Because the situation is all to often crazy to the natural mind.  Crazy to others who are observing from afar.  Crazy to all the facts present.  Crazy, crazy, crazy nothing except crazy BUT in the midst of this craziness is a surreal calm…a calm that speaks yet says nothing at all.  A calm that quiets the mind as it attempts to interject “You should be freaking out right now!”  Sometimes Peace is present before we make a move and at other times we need to move out before Peace shows up. AND when it does, ahhh, you know it.

The absence of Peace is not that fun and should not be ignored.  I recently experienced this lack of Peace over a decision that had to be made.  Without going into all of the details, I did not have Peace with the situation and the more time I spent in prayer, the more restless I became.  I stepped out…no Peace.  I pulled back…no Peace.  A decision had to be made.  The situation seemed “perfect.”  All of the details were supreme.  Yet, I did not have Peace.  I am not one to struggle such as this. Normally I don’t have to search for Peace…it just follows.  I usually make a decision and go with it.  But this time was different.  It was as if I was tied in knots.  I knew we could not proceed even if the facts were screaming for us to.  In the end we passed on the opportunity and immediately the Peace came!   

“Peace that passes all understanding”  yep, that about sums it up.


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