Why, why, why.  This word has been seared into my brain from my three children who, when around the age of three, began to speak whywanese.  Why, why, why.  Everything was why.  “Why can’t I play in the toilet?”  “Why do I have to brush my teeth?”  “Why do I have to eat?”  Or, they would simply answer with the one word of “Why” to everything I said.  Like: Go outside and play.  Why?  Give me a hug.  Why?  Pick up your toys.  Why?  Stay off the road.  Why?  Don’t hit the dog.  Why?  I love you.  Why?  Don’t feed your brother spiders.  Why? You get the picture.

Thank God for the sake of parental sanity, this phase passes however, important ground rules have been set.  Not only are they learning their world around them but they are weighing their options.  If the fun of playing in the toilet outweighs the reason why they can’t then guess what?  It’s splish splash time and not in the bathtub either! 

So now fast forward to adulthood.  When you’re told you can’t do something how do you respond?  If you’re anything like me that 3-year-old within you rises up and questions “why?”  Only rather that gaining some toilet time, I’m trying to determine whether the rational for why I can’t or must do something holds true with my moral and Spiritual beliefs.  Because ya’know what?  Messed up people are messing up Christianity with all of their “Religion” mentality.  Some of the most radical transformations in our society occurred simply because someone asked “why.”  And likewise, some of the most horrific tragedies happened because people failed to question why {think Jonestown here}.

Moses and Abraham, two patriarchal fathers of  the faith why’ed God!  And guess what?  He liked it!  God doesn’t mind a dialog…He doesn’t want blind robotic followers.  It is not wrong to ask why or challenge the established order of things as long as it is done without rebellion.  Too many times we are taught that we are acting in rebellion if we challenge or question things.  This teaching has been an effective method for enforcing the all too familiar gag order.  All one has to hear is “rebellion” and…silence…people shut up.   I say Bring On The Dialog! 

Let’s face it, there are times when it is just fun to splash in the adult toilet called life.  It just may be that your why today changes tomorrow.  Get you’re why on!


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