I can’t believe it’s that time

Christmas!  Holy Jingle Bells did it sneak up on me this year.  It doesn’t even “feel” like Christmas to me.  I mean yes, crowds are gathering at the stores for their frenzy shopping excursions, yes we had the annual Christmas concerts and school parties, yes we decked the halls and even got in some sledding time but something is missing this year.  Maybe it just came too fast. 

But ready or not, tomorrow is Joy to the World, Christmas Eve!  My kids are bursting with excitement which is all I need for an effective jump-start into the night.  The older kids are looking forward to bustin’ open some gifts from their grandparents and the youngest has Santa fever.  He spoke to “Santa” tonight and the dialogue was amusing as was his nervous pacing while holding the phone.  At times his voice shrieked to a high pitch decibel that only one other individual I know has been able to reach….my mother.  Hubs giggled like a big kid at the conversation between Santa and his baby and asked him for a blow by blow recount of the phone time, while I couldn’t help but think of the major let down this child is going to have when he finds out “the truth.”  Yea, remember the truth concerning the big dude in red? I think my daughter cried for weeks when she found out of his existence or lack there of!  My older son was equally as bummed and experinced major disappointment but I think the feeling of betrayal sums it up rather nicely.  So although I have never been a Santa freak and down play his existence, hubs and my dad are like two giant kids who relive their Christmas Santa memories via small, naive children.  It’s only a matter of time before the youngest discovers the truth, before he stares blankly into our faces wearing that “how could you” look of accusation, before he staggers in confusion and slowly mumbles “bbbut what about the cccall, I-I-I spoke to him!” and that my friends is when I’ll reply “Ask Daddy and Poppy!” 

HO-HO-HO Merry Christmas!!


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