Ready, Set, Cook!

Sorry for ignoring you beast.

Before we actually begin cooking (read post before this one for details) here are some images of our prep.   These are mental images to psych me up.  Ya’know the see it, be it stuff?  

Some stuff to distract er, I mean to assist.

Plenty o' counter room.

Now considering that I had questionable material in my fridge, some dating back to early 2000’s (yikes!) a clean out was in order….  

The clean out captured by a young photographer

And now, da, da, da, dannnnn….for the first baking project….something simple…. 

BREAD arising!

We have also made: Chicken Panini Sandwiches, Buffalo Chicken Pizza and Chocolate cake.  Hubs is in heaven.  He is in bed right now dreaming of sugar plums while they dance in his head.  The boys are satisfied and have gorged themselves on their sister’s masterpiece of moist, chocolate heaven.  And you know what?  It wasn’t that bad.  A Tylenol and Motrin cocktail bolus pre-cooking experience seemed to hold off any creeping pain and my daughter was a hu-mungo help. 

Time will tell.  In the mean time the family is enjoying the meals and are without a doubt our loudest cheerleaders.


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