Somebody stop me

My daughter was so excited yesterday to tear open the Cuisnart food processor.   Can you believe that I have never owned a food processor?  They were always so big, so heavy and such a hassle.  Well baby, food processing has come a long way from when I was first forced into kitchenland as a young bride.

I’m in love.  My heart is pitter pattering to the sound of the Cuisnart.  This 1,000 Watt motor beast is da bomb.  The culinary possibilities are endless!  And I sound like a kitchen freak!  It was in our possession mere minutes and we had it assembled and slicing, dicing, chopping and shredding.  We ooohh’ed and awww’ed with each task.

But, I have a lot to learn.  This was clear during my daughter’s Frappucino creation.  It was getting late.  The kitchen was a disaster.  We let our new pet chew up everything imaginable and the once famished boys were full and waving their hands in protest with each item we brought their way. The clean up haunted me so, I decided to let her finish while I began to tackle the creative expression (tolerable way of saying mess).  Without thinking I pulled the blade out of the mixing bowl while there were still contents remaining inside of it.  My daughter couldn’t figure out why her bowl was leaking all over the counter.  Oops. 

This could get ugly.


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