Fake is a four letter word.

Quick, before our "friend" comes back she....

I’d like to say kudos to all you friendlies out there who say what you mean and mean what you say. Life is difficult enough without the onslaught of verbal games and dances. She said, she said, she said. Forget the he (he said, she said) because women are the verbal mastas! We have perfected the ‘art of speak’ since the creation of time. How often have we seen this scenario played out (actually I witnessed this very scene while eating lunch out recently) where a group of girls/women are talking when one of them has to leave the crew to quickly grab something. The fragrance of her presence still lingers in the air and her physical form is within sight, yet her verbal massacre has begun to take place. However, her murder is not complete until she receives the warm welcoming smiles dripping with verbal venom or the poisonous hug when she rejoins the group. How very sad and tragic. Actually it is cowardice.

I am blessed to have so many upfront and real friends in my life who can handle and dish out some serious truth.  In fact, when I saw that lunch-time feeding frenzy, it took everything within me not to verbally biotch slap those girls. Once you’ve experience and tasted the real, the fake is hard to choke down. 

Let’s face it, fake is a nasty four letter word.

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