Another road trip

Our entire hillbilly clan recently embarked on a journey to my baby Nephew’s Baptism in IL.  The trip was quite memorable given that our beloved Honda Odyssey Minivan kicked it this summer [may she RIP] and we were going to be forced into our small, very small, compact 5 seater hatch back for the duration of the trip.  I am still grieving the loss of that fine Honda automobile and will most likely continue to write about her until another minivan enters the scene and heals my grieving heart.

Anyway, after visualizing the fights and mental anguish of the cramped trip, coupled with the fact that my parents were traveling with us we decided to rent a minivan.  Our original plan which involved all of us squished into the minivan altered when my brother offered to give us his spanky new elliptical!  Now, I am not an excercise goddess but hey, how can you refuse a fine piece of machinery like that?? So we commissioned the hatchback as the elliptical hauler and off we rolled in two vehicles. 

The trip out was very surreal for hubs and I.  We drove ALONE in the hatchback and clung to the rare silence with wide grins on our faces.  We noticed that the rented minivan in front of us containing my parents and the kids was full of activity and we could almost hear the sonic booms erupting from the vehicle.  We glanced as each other, sighed deeply and continued to wear our joyous smiles.  We did not feel so much as a twinge of guilt even when my mother emerged from the minivan at a rest stop looking a little worked over!  Ok, maybe a little but any guilt feelings were short-lived as we raced each other back to our adult only car.  It was a historical moment in our parenting careers and we were enjoying every short second!

When we finally crashed into my brother’s posh neighborhood, my grandmother and cousin were there waiting for us – thanks to the invention of the airplane.  The very short visit was filled with roars of laughter, childhood memories, feasting on delish food, screaming kids, barking dogs and the neighbors occasionally pulling back their curtains to “check out” the rare life forms visiting from who knows where.  The time together made us realize that the cliché saying “life is too short” holds much truth.  Yesterday we were kids, today we have kids and tomorrow our kids will be having kids!  Crazy time. Enjoy every minute and make the most of life….  

Live.  Laugh.  Love.


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