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Pack me up Scotty and Jaba my ride!

Packing.  Ugh, a necessary evil of any trip.  Actually I don’t mind the packing so much as the UNPACKING.  Nothing is quite so tantalizing as dirty laundry confined in a hot stuffy suit case.  Yummy.

My destination?  The Middle East — Israel and Jordan.  It will be my third trip to the area and I am sooo ready to be back in the land.  I have many plans, one of which is to gorge myself on the Mediterranean delicacies to the point of combustion.  If I start to take on the appearance of Jaba the Hut then I can always be hauled around on a Camel or Donkey but Jaba or not, I am gettin’ my fill of the goods!  Jaba my ride baby, here I come!!

I'm too sexy for my Camel!

I will try to find a computer cafe to blog about the journey so stay tuned.

The verdict?

Just incase you are wondering…the Apple Pie was delish by more accounts than mine alone.  I didn’t burn it.  I didn’t under cook it (thanks to my daughter who told me I needed to put it back in the oven!) I created an edible work of food art that was consumed without growing mold which is what usually happens to uneaten food around here. 

I think I’ll try this kitchen stuff more often.  It is actually kinda fun when I’m feeling it.  But, I still can’t picture myself turning to the kitchen as a form of relaxation.  So many people seem to utilize the kitchen to work out their inner demons and create a zen like atmosphere.  For me, this state of calm is accomplished with a nice fluffy blanket, a hot cup of tea and a great book — Guaranteed to deliver from whatever ails ya.

As easy as Apple Pie – from consumer to producer

Is it really easy to make Apple Pie?  I wouldn’t know considering I’ve never made one that is, until now.  As I sit here typing I have an Apple Pie baking in the oven spreading it’s fantastic aroma all over the house.  Come to think of it, I probably shouldn’t be distracted with this blog while I have a volatile creation in the oven.  Oh well. 

Anyway, the amusing part is how my kids are flocking from every corner of our home with their noses in the air.  Like the pied piper musically called to the rodents, the fragrance of the baking pie is calling them out!  The XBox is deserted along with the TV and the computer.  Their voices can be heard exclaiming inquisitively “What’s that smell?” and  “DAD what is mom making??!!” before they actually burst into the kitchen to check things out for themselves.  Smiling and covered in flour I wait for their entrance as I reply in a very nonchalant manner “Oh, just an Apple Pie.”  While inside I am screaming “An APPLE FREAKIN’ PIE!!!”

I’m not a Betty Crocker (and hurl at the thought) but I’m beginning to think that she has possessed me lately and by the suspicious looks these kids are giving me I think they agree.  I’m actually enjoying this cooking and baking stuff…scary thought. 

Well, the edges of my pie are turning brown but the center is still pale.  Hmmmm….easy as Apple Pie?  I’m beginning to think not but the jury is still out on that one.   Can this professional consumer turn producer?  Time will tell…

A thing called perspective

My youngest son was not liking himself very much this morning.  Like his mother, he is not wired for the mornings and was going through his normal early AM grumpiness.  He refused to look in the mirror while I was fixing his hair and was generally miserable.  In an attempt to communicate the extreme love of God for him I informed him that even if he were the only person on the Earth, Jesus would still have died just for him.  There was silence.  He quit fighting.  He ceased all antics and no longer cared if he saw his morning hating reflection in the mirror.  A peaceful calm entered our bathroom.  Ahhh, a proud parental moment began to flood my soul.  I was effective in my communication.  He got the point.  The truth of the vast Love of God hit him.  BUT before I could swim in the total glory of this “perceived” successful revelation, a concerned frown formed on his face and his brows furrowed.  Sheer panic consumed his facial expression as he nervously exclaimed in a tense voice “But if I was the only person on the Earth where would you be?  Who would feed me?  Who would dress me?  Who would take care of me? Oh no….that would just be awful.  I don’t want to be the only person alive on the Earth.  Nooooo mommy noooo!”  Forget the part about Jesus dying just for him…he was concerned about the just for him…alone…only him part!

I realized at that moment that we were dealing with a little but very powerful thing called perspective.

Heavenly abode

From  time to time I share some cool books that I’ve read with you guys.  I have been reading (after blowing through all of them myself) a book to the kids by Wendy Alec that has been rather eye-opening.  It is her series called Chronicles of Brothers — about the fall of Lucifer and although the theme of warring Angels, rebellion, and the fall may not be your “typical” bedtime story, it is having quite the impact (and not in the form of nightmares either!)  These three who are known to have the attention span of a gnat actually sit motionless as they cling to every word rolling off my tongue, shushing each other for any squeak of noise, holding their bladders to the point of explosion and barely breathing for fear that their conversion of O2 to CO2 would be too loud causing them to miss an important part of the story.  Wendy writes about Heaven with a creative literary license I’m sure however, her perspective has sparked enthusiasm and curiosity within the hearts of my kids.  With all of the things out there sparking enthusiam and curiosity, I think a little Heavenly Abode is in order.

She must be blind!

I love the over inflated self-image of a 3-5yr old.  How many times have you heard them say “Watch me do this?” or “I can do that.”  There is nothing in the world that they don’t think they are capable of at that young age.  They haven’t been exposed to the harsh realities of life.  They are the strongest.  They are the “bestest.” They are the smartest.  They are always right.  Period.

Recently our youngest came home insisting his teacher was blind.  Given that she is somewhat older, my husband thought that possibly our son was communicating a physical ailment she had.  So hubs questioned  our son on what he meant and if his teacher was ok.  He replied emphatically “WELL, I work sooo hard and try my best on my work.  I get the answers all right and she STILL marks them wrong.  She must be blind.”  Hubs choked back laughter as he ran out of the room to expel his erupting full-blown belly laugh elsewhere.  Our youngest trotted off confidently convinced of his excellence.

Smiling, I determined to preserve this memory in my mental bank for years to come.

Perfection in a cup

umm, umm, ahhhhh

I don’t know what it is about me and tea.  I just realized as I was making a cup of tea tonight that I am a tea OC freak.  It has to be jusssst right.  The water has to be boiling hot, the  tea bag has to steep for a few minutes before the precise amount of milk and sugar can be added.  Then, and only then do I sit and joyfully sip the bliss. 

I am baffled.  My personality is soooooo type B to the extreme.  Rarely have I ever been so particular about anything.  Seriously, I am the poster child for low maintenance, easy going-ness.  I even surprised myself when a friend asked me if I wanted to share a cup of tea with her and split the cost.  Immediately I replied “Oh no, I am picky with my tea.”  The look she shot me was one of ‘oookaay, tea fetish nut job.’ But don’t worry, i shot a look back that said “cheap o cheap – buy your own cup of tea.”  I must admit that I make perfection in a cup and anything less is well, disappointing!

Yep.  I’m a tea freak.