Perfection in a cup

umm, umm, ahhhhh

I don’t know what it is about me and tea.  I just realized as I was making a cup of tea tonight that I am a tea OC freak.  It has to be jusssst right.  The water has to be boiling hot, the  tea bag has to steep for a few minutes before the precise amount of milk and sugar can be added.  Then, and only then do I sit and joyfully sip the bliss. 

I am baffled.  My personality is soooooo type B to the extreme.  Rarely have I ever been so particular about anything.  Seriously, I am the poster child for low maintenance, easy going-ness.  I even surprised myself when a friend asked me if I wanted to share a cup of tea with her and split the cost.  Immediately I replied “Oh no, I am picky with my tea.”  The look she shot me was one of ‘oookaay, tea fetish nut job.’ But don’t worry, i shot a look back that said “cheap o cheap – buy your own cup of tea.”  I must admit that I make perfection in a cup and anything less is well, disappointing!

Yep.  I’m a tea freak.


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