She must be blind!

I love the over inflated self-image of a 3-5yr old.  How many times have you heard them say “Watch me do this?” or “I can do that.”  There is nothing in the world that they don’t think they are capable of at that young age.  They haven’t been exposed to the harsh realities of life.  They are the strongest.  They are the “bestest.” They are the smartest.  They are always right.  Period.

Recently our youngest came home insisting his teacher was blind.  Given that she is somewhat older, my husband thought that possibly our son was communicating a physical ailment she had.  So hubs questioned  our son on what he meant and if his teacher was ok.  He replied emphatically “WELL, I work sooo hard and try my best on my work.  I get the answers all right and she STILL marks them wrong.  She must be blind.”  Hubs choked back laughter as he ran out of the room to expel his erupting full-blown belly laugh elsewhere.  Our youngest trotted off confidently convinced of his excellence.

Smiling, I determined to preserve this memory in my mental bank for years to come.


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