Heavenly abode

From  time to time I share some cool books that I’ve read with you guys.  I have been reading (after blowing through all of them myself) a book to the kids by Wendy Alec that has been rather eye-opening.  It is her series called Chronicles of Brothers — about the fall of Lucifer and although the theme of warring Angels, rebellion, and the fall may not be your “typical” bedtime story, it is having quite the impact (and not in the form of nightmares either!)  These three who are known to have the attention span of a gnat actually sit motionless as they cling to every word rolling off my tongue, shushing each other for any squeak of noise, holding their bladders to the point of explosion and barely breathing for fear that their conversion of O2 to CO2 would be too loud causing them to miss an important part of the story.  Wendy writes about Heaven with a creative literary license I’m sure however, her perspective has sparked enthusiasm and curiosity within the hearts of my kids.  With all of the things out there sparking enthusiam and curiosity, I think a little Heavenly Abode is in order.

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