A thing called perspective

My youngest son was not liking himself very much this morning.  Like his mother, he is not wired for the mornings and was going through his normal early AM grumpiness.  He refused to look in the mirror while I was fixing his hair and was generally miserable.  In an attempt to communicate the extreme love of God for him I informed him that even if he were the only person on the Earth, Jesus would still have died just for him.  There was silence.  He quit fighting.  He ceased all antics and no longer cared if he saw his morning hating reflection in the mirror.  A peaceful calm entered our bathroom.  Ahhh, a proud parental moment began to flood my soul.  I was effective in my communication.  He got the point.  The truth of the vast Love of God hit him.  BUT before I could swim in the total glory of this “perceived” successful revelation, a concerned frown formed on his face and his brows furrowed.  Sheer panic consumed his facial expression as he nervously exclaimed in a tense voice “But if I was the only person on the Earth where would you be?  Who would feed me?  Who would dress me?  Who would take care of me? Oh no….that would just be awful.  I don’t want to be the only person alive on the Earth.  Nooooo mommy noooo!”  Forget the part about Jesus dying just for him…he was concerned about the just for him…alone…only him part!

I realized at that moment that we were dealing with a little but very powerful thing called perspective.

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