As easy as Apple Pie – from consumer to producer

Is it really easy to make Apple Pie?  I wouldn’t know considering I’ve never made one that is, until now.  As I sit here typing I have an Apple Pie baking in the oven spreading it’s fantastic aroma all over the house.  Come to think of it, I probably shouldn’t be distracted with this blog while I have a volatile creation in the oven.  Oh well. 

Anyway, the amusing part is how my kids are flocking from every corner of our home with their noses in the air.  Like the pied piper musically called to the rodents, the fragrance of the baking pie is calling them out!  The XBox is deserted along with the TV and the computer.  Their voices can be heard exclaiming inquisitively “What’s that smell?” and  “DAD what is mom making??!!” before they actually burst into the kitchen to check things out for themselves.  Smiling and covered in flour I wait for their entrance as I reply in a very nonchalant manner “Oh, just an Apple Pie.”  While inside I am screaming “An APPLE FREAKIN’ PIE!!!”

I’m not a Betty Crocker (and hurl at the thought) but I’m beginning to think that she has possessed me lately and by the suspicious looks these kids are giving me I think they agree.  I’m actually enjoying this cooking and baking stuff…scary thought. 

Well, the edges of my pie are turning brown but the center is still pale.  Hmmmm….easy as Apple Pie?  I’m beginning to think not but the jury is still out on that one.   Can this professional consumer turn producer?  Time will tell…


3 responses to “As easy as Apple Pie – from consumer to producer

  1. I just baked my first apple pie the other day! It turned out pretty good! I was a little nervous…cuz it was to give to someone else! We should have a bake off!! LOL! And here’s a tip: Wrap thin strips of aluminum foil around the edge of your pie crust…and it won’t get too brown….from one Betty Crocker to another!

  2. oh…and I forgot…I used a Pillsbury pre-made crust! Shhhh!

  3. Thanks for the tip! I wish I would’ve had the aluminum foil knowledge before I started but the edges didn’t burn too badly. Ha, some baker I am willing to accept some “brownage”

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