Pack me up Scotty and Jaba my ride!

Packing.  Ugh, a necessary evil of any trip.  Actually I don’t mind the packing so much as the UNPACKING.  Nothing is quite so tantalizing as dirty laundry confined in a hot stuffy suit case.  Yummy.

My destination?  The Middle East — Israel and Jordan.  It will be my third trip to the area and I am sooo ready to be back in the land.  I have many plans, one of which is to gorge myself on the Mediterranean delicacies to the point of combustion.  If I start to take on the appearance of Jaba the Hut then I can always be hauled around on a Camel or Donkey but Jaba or not, I am gettin’ my fill of the goods!  Jaba my ride baby, here I come!!

I'm too sexy for my Camel!

I will try to find a computer cafe to blog about the journey so stay tuned.


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