God Smiled

mountain climber

Well, I am officially home.  I arrived in the USA physically last week but it wasn’t until this week that my mind and spirit caught up to my body.  The adjustment was made much quicker this time.  It took almost 3-5 weeks after the last trip to “fully” return.  The only way I can describe it is that you are going through the physical motions necessary for life to go on but your mind and inner being is somewhere else.  Mine just happened to be in Israel, glorious Israel.  In addition to being a symptom of travel in general, I have come to believe that this separation of mind and body is somehow a portion of being “grafted in.”  God’s covenant with the Jews also consisted of a land covenant.  He loves the people AND the land.  So although my physical DNA returns to the US, my spiritual DNA continues in the land, longing for more.  It works for me. 

I think the constant bellows of the kids (most especially the youngest) “Hey mom, MOM, Mommy, MAUM, HEY mom, MMOOMMM!!!” made me realize very quickly that I had returned home and would jolt me from my mental Israel landscape and Israel state of being quite effectively.  The piles of laundry, although mountain-esq, also helped provide me with all the tactile sensory input required to ascertain that I was in fact in my laundry room and not in the Negev Desert mountain climbing.  Yes, we did do a little mountain climbing and it was heaven on earth.  You heard correctly.  I climbed a mountain and thought it was heavenly and no, I was not delusional or suffering from high altitude induced confusion…It was devine and full of majesty and beauty.  We even found natural mineral make-up complete with iridescent shine up on those rock craters and had to pause for a quick make over.

My manly son sportin' some mineral make-up on his hand.

God smiled on us throughout this entire trip and I am blessed beyond comprehension.  More to come….


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