Ride baby ride!

Warm temperatures? Visible grass? Sunshine?  Can it be?  When the golden glow first peaked through the clouds I recall squinting and feeling like a creature who had grown so accustomed to the gloomy dark grey skies that this new force of light was a curious sight to behold. 

I love the spring.  I was born in the spring and it is my absolute favorite time of the year.  The kids play for hours outside jumping on the trampoline and riding their bikes, I clean and do the multitude of household projects that I put off until the defrost and hubs is in all out maximum force working on the yard.  Aside from the torn skin, scrapes, gushing blood and the occasional dramatic screams of agony it is almost perfection!

With the spring comes new life, new birth, new productivity and an entirely new level of creativity.  I’m on my creative game and plan to ride this wave wherever it carries me….ride baby ride!


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