The power of a Smile :)

Did you ever notice what a smile can do for you?  It’ll either melt your heart or P’ you off.  When I am having a bad day or yelling at my kids because of their animalistic behavior all that it takes is one smile from their faces and I tone down my rantings or choke them…depending.   

Once when I was driving this wild woman got out of her car and began to seize in fits of physical and verbal rage as she stomped on the pavement and sent showers of spit flying into the air space around her.  I guess she didn’t like something about my driving????  Anyway I had all of the kids in the car with me and they were wide-eyed and taking in the performance of this gorilla woman.  She was so primal that I was seriously waiting for her to beat on her chest like King Kong.  Before I knew it a huge smile was creeping across my face until I was beaming.  The kid’s wide-eyed expressions also turned into smiles that mirrored mine with giggles even escaping.  It was these smiles that sent gorilla woman over the sanity barrier.  She was officially an insane freak pushed over the edge by a few smiles.

And try this one:  Smile at a random stranger in the store.  Three things will happen. They will either suck up your smile and smile warmly back – or – look at you with that “what the heck are you smiling at?!”  look – or – fix their hair, wipe their face or check their clothing to see if there is anything the matter with their appearance.

Amazing.  All these reactions from a simple smile.  Talk less, smile more!


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