Built to last

Looking over my life recently and all of the blessings I realized yet again, that I have a great husband.  I really do.  What did he do?  He didn’t do anything special recently that would spark this feeling of blog worthy appreciation.  But that’s the beauty.  He doesn’t have to.  He is who he is and that is what makes him a wonderful husband and father. 

I have been matched with my perfect puzzle piece.  We fit.  It’s those times spent talking where we say nothing yet everything.  The times where words are not even necessary because a single glance communicates volumes.  Being totally unique yet one.  The inside jokes and memories we’ve made together.  The fits of uncontrollable stomach laughter that we could not contain even if we wanted to.  The tears of joy and sorrow.  

This is what commitment is all about and I am blessed.


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