Got Milk?

I get on kicks and go through cycles.  I know it.  Usually I approach something with the force of a steam roller, a super charged bionic steam roller.  Then the steam starts to choke and sputter.  The bionic becomes, well, not so bionic and before I know it, I am caput – done with whatever I was being a super freak about.  Worse yet is when you lose your freak before you even had the chance to be freaky?  Yep, I’ve been there too.  Usually this involves purchasing a butt load of items for the new quest I am embarking on only…geeze, I never seem to quite get to the starting line.  Pathetic?  Lame?  I guess.  But I have gained a wealth of information along the way!  Some things I ride for the long haul and make them work no matter what.  When I stick, I stick. 

So here is my thing now…suzie homemaking with a twist o’ natural.   For those of you who know me, stop laughing!  It is possible.  I can do this!  I’ve wised up a little.  I’ve parked my steam roller and I am easin’ on down the road at a nice gradual pace.  I’m taking things s.l.o.w. and introducing changes [think organic, farming, gardening, fresh dairy] to my family gradually.  Thank God because by the way they (with the exception of hubs and older son – ahem, that leaves the two guilty ones) reacted to the farms cow’s milk I don’t think much more could be tolerated.  They squawked and shrieked.  They gagged, dribbled and sputtered milk pathetically.  They yelled insults at the milk “It tastes like farm!”  They plugged their noses and did a “I don’t like this milk” protest stomp which, I’m sure my mom would say reminded her of my infamous “tomato stomp” that I preformed in my ‘teens’ when she gave me a garden fresh tomato sandwich when I wanted chipped ham.  Payback, I know.  However, I decided to bust up their little payback mutiny before it got out of hand.  How?  Simple bribery….works every time.  I put some old fashion chocolate in the milk and was feeling pretty proud of myself.  Then I saw it…the wrinkling of the nose, the flicking of the tongue and the proceeding verbal complaint “EWWW, I can still taste the farm!” What?!?!  Chocolate was rendered powerless?  Sure enough, there was a faint after taste.  Darn you natural stuff.  Why do you have to be so…strong and wild tasting? Or is it because we kill everything beyond dead before we consume it?  Well, just between you and me, I couldn’t imagine this stuff ruining a cup of my perfect tea.  So (shhhh) I went out and bought a 1/2 gallon of store milk and ahhh, sipped on bliss.  I thought I was pretty sneaky until I heard Sammy open the fridge, rummage around and gasp dramatically while hugging and cheek rubbing the 1/2 gallon milk carton “Oh, I didn’t ever think I’d see you again milky!”   hmmmm, gotta make this work somehow!!

Here’s to adjusting our taste buds!

One response to “Got Milk?

  1. ok…you should have put the “farm” milk…in the “regular” container…and they would have never known! That once happened to me with goat’s milk. Drank it before i knew what it was…and never thought a thing of it. After being told what it was…it all of a sudden it became “udderly” disgusting!

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