Day two of operation morning dove.

The alarm went off 20 min earlier for the second day in a row and I just about shot it.  Not a single good feeling about my new reformation at all.  Not a pinch of pride for what I was trying to accomplish.  Just pure disgust.  BUT I did get out of bed.  Granted I didn’t bounce up ready to take on the world.  It was still more of a miserable caught in a bear trap reaction but I was up.  Once I forced movement and pried my unwilling eyes open I realized, I can’t believe I am admitting this, that the mornings are actually very beautiful.  For a few hours they are still and quiet just like my beloved nights.  The birds chirp, the sun rises and the world wakes up.  AND if you force yourself awake early, you get to watch the world awaken too!  Yeah, I’d rather be sleeping to but hey, it was worth a try.  There must be something special about the morning considering it was the time Jesus chose for himself as a devotional time to the Father.  He often would arise early and pray.  I do know, as much as I’d like to continue with my night life, that there is nothing like early AM devotion time.  This time with my Lord sets the tone for the entire day and keeps me goal oriented.  Truth, spoken from a morning loather.


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