Mother’s Day: Part One

Although NOT Mother’s Day, today is the day before Mother’s Day and technically Mother’s Day weekend.  I hope all you mother’s out there are having a great weekend and enjoying your blessings.  I’d love to blog about my time at the spa, manicure, pedicure, massage and Queen Bee treatment but that would be fiction blogging a.k.a. LYING.  So, here is the truth and nothing but the truth about my Mother’s Day thus far.  A portion of how I spent Mother’s Day: Part One (More of the other kids to follow).  My older son was at the ball field and my female child threatened death if I took her picture while she was in the raw, all naturale today.  

Making Hand Art with my youngest

 Nothing says Mom like crafts and games (along with cooking, laundry, taxi driver etc. etc but I can’t blog about all of these)…at least in our home.  NOT because I am crafty or gamey but because it just doesn’t seem to be as fun unless Mom is involved.  I don’t know why this is.  I have tried to cut the cord.  I have begged for my children to be more independent but they insist (manipulate) that it just isn’t the same without me. 

Masta Piece

Weekend work of art.

So we traced and glued and colored (even our fingernails) and created until I was dizzy.  Then if that wasn’t enough we broke out the board games and had a dice rolling frenzy.  Well, not quite considering many of his games aren’t at the dice level yet. 

Guess Who: Emily’s home

 And it was during this game exploding adventure that I discovered my youngest has love crush on Guess Who Emily.  The kid has it bad for this much older woman.  He believes she is absolutely beautiful and kept picking her every. single. time.  Do you know how difficult it is to “pretend” you don’t know who he has??  Finally I just stopped pretending and annihilated him period.   I never said I was going for the mother of the year award did I?  Yet, he refused to part with his beloved Emily.  Emily, Emily, Emily who he calls “a beautiful woman” and wants to marry someday despite his brother’s comments of “But dude, she’s OLD!” He doesn’t see the ‘old’ or the white hair.  To him she is exquiste…the most beautiful girl he says and then pauses…… 

Guess Who Emily: my baby's love crush

 ……..”except for you mommy, you’re more beautifuler!”  This was said while handing me a self potted flower (below). AWWWW, I don’t know if I should scoop him up in my arms, plant kisses all over him and squeeze the crappers out of him or run to the plastic surgeon ASAP for an over haul??!!!???  

Potted love and placed in our family circle of love.


One response to “Mother’s Day: Part One

  1. Love your writings! I see a book in the making. Keep up the good work…being a great mother…and telling others how is really is! They grow (didn’t you!) so fast so enjoy now. Love, Mom

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