Mother’s Day: Part Three

I'm Cold!!

Well, what. a. day.  Only a mother can relate.  Ok, a parent, not necessarily a mother per se but c’mon it’s Mother’s Day so gimme a break. I don’t know what numb skull decided Baseball should be played on Mother’s Day??!!  BUT someone did.  AND there is NOOOO way anyone would let their precious child miss out on a game right?  Well, I just may have but the guilt would be toooooo much to bear later so I decided to allow myself (and other children) to freeze and be tortured in the name of love sacrifice.  And love sacrifice it was.  The oldest was chattering so loud I think she broke some bones.  The second oldest was jumping around until they pulled him into the game to be a base coach.  The hubs was the only poker face champ who showed no pain.  He’s da man!  My ears hurt from the arctic blast and my eyes, oh my eyes.  They kept tearing and burning until they eventually looked like this: 

My teary, mascara stained, blood shot, frozen, ice cold eyeball

And this was AFTER I kept wiping and wiping them. I was in pain. I was miserable. My teeth were chattering. But I turned my frozen, painful facial grimace into a smile Each and Every time my baby glanced my way. I saw his teeth chattering too as he smiled and nodded to me that ‘do you see me mom? Are you proud?’ or maybe it was ‘I can do this mom even though I think my legs are stuck to the ground.’ I’m not sure but regardless we connected…I made sure to smile big for him even if my gums dried out and my lips got stuck to my teeth for a while! However, I must be honest.  I did, for survival sake, have to escape to the warmth of my compact five seater car (GRRR) -this will be a repeating theme here until I get my minivan back.  I thawed and watched from the safety of my car UNTIL I saw something special. Something powerful enough to drag my frozen buttocks from the shelter of my vehicle.  My aggressive, competitive pro-style baseball playing older son was the first base coach. He stood past first base and held out his hand for the players to run through the base and tag. Each T-baller did so and then his little bro was up. He cracked the ball. He ran like crazy through first base. He tagged his brother’s hand. And then he climbed his appalled brother like a little monkey. This is what it looked like:




Yea, I think the cold confused him.  In order to survive he must have imagined he was a jungle monkey living in the tropics.  My older son however, was not impressed and attempted on several occasions to get the little monkey to dismount…as you can see:







What are you doing?!

Throwing the ball - look out!

I'm spotted and the youngest is running for me!

Retrieved and taken back by big bro who is breaking down the game for his brother.

Up to bat cracking the ball!

Sigh.  These images were enough to force me out of the car and I’m glad they did.  This is the stuff…the stuff Mother’s Day is all about!  Happy Mother’s Day!!!


One response to “Mother’s Day: Part Three

  1. OH MY! My eyes are tearing too! Not from the cold but laughter! Priceless!

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