Mother’s Day: Part Two

We love Mother's Day!!

I’m not sure if anything can top being called “more beautifuler” than precious Emily (see previous post) But alas, today is officially Mother’s Day….Happy Mother’s Day!! I was awakened bright and early by my lovely daughter as she came into my room, not with breakfast or flowers but rather to break my wonderful sleep to ask “Hey mom, Hey mom….Mom, can I have my cell phone back??” I pried open my fatigued eyes to witness her flipping open her phone to check for any text messages. GRRRRRRRRR or something like that is what I heard escaping from my mouth and she promptly bolted with lightening speed out of my room and closed the door tightly behind her before I could summon my husband. That stunt just bought her two more days without cell technology.  Happy Mother’s Day!!!

SOO happy to get out this crab meat!!

Eventually, I crawled out of bed and was told to pick the restaurant of my choice.  Well, upon hearing this nugget the kids began to chant their favorite picks…Chinese!  Steak!  Sea Food!  Let’s go into the City!  Waterfront! Meatball Subs!  But we have a T-ball game later this afternoon so time was a humongo factor.  We loaded into our compact five seater (hiss) vehicle and off we went to dine although I still had not decide where to eat.  Donnie silenced everyone and asked me to PLEASE decide.  Pause.  Silence.  Pressure.  Ummmm, so many choices.  I LOVE food and I LOVE to eat so this decision was difficult.  As we passed Outback Steakhouse we all realized that they had the “Bloomin’ Onion” and ya’know what?  Eeerrrrk, we turned the car around U-Turn style and Outback Steakhouse it was!  Home of the Bloomin’ Onion.  Yum.  Donnie let out a sigh of relief.  A decision was made.  We would soon be out of the car!

Josh's steak and sea food plate

We laughed, joked, and seriously gorged ourselves to the point of skipping dessert.  Sammy had to make a few trips to the bathroom as no meal would be complete without the meal interrupting bathroom trip.  But it was Mother’s Day so I cashed in my Mum-day chip and had Josh and Donnie take him…score!  Now we are home smelling like sea food and steak, digesting and getting ready to hit the T-ball field. Then we’re off to visit my parents and grandparents.  

Entertaining the staff by blowing through his noodle.
Outback hand wipes – too bad they don’t totally wipe out the smell!
Burp, oops that was my Caesar Salad.  More to come, of blogging I mean!

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