Happy Mother’s Day Mommy: Part 4

My mom (long brown hair) and me (baby)

She is beautiful.  She is strong.  She is unique.  She is quirky.  She is seriously funny to the point of being called warped and sick.  She is real not fake.  She is warm.  She is cozy.  She is comforting.  She is comfy and squishy.  She is dependable.  She is encouraging.  She is a rock.  She is faithful.  She is tenacious (pit bull status).  She is determined.  She is creative.  She is forgiving.  She is deep.  She is selfless and does not know the meaning of selfishness.  She is intelligent.  She is fearless and brave.  She is humble.  She is emotional.  She is gifted.  She is loyal.  She is non-materialistic.  She is unity.  She is talented.  She is the best short order cook around.  She is a great communicator.  She is vision.  She is insightful.  She is giving to the point of exhaustion.  She is confident.  She is secure.  She is a leader.  She is spirited.  She is a friend….not only is she a friend but she is my best friend and I am honored to call her mom.    

Happy Mother’s Day Mommy!  With this, I officially close my Mother’s Day series.  I love you.


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