I Can’t Believe It’s Butter!!!

Or maybe the title should read ‘I can’t believe I Made Butter!!’  Yes way!  I (me, myself and I) made butter!!!  giggle.  Ok, I’ll calm down from my mini freak and show you the details.  First I took a trip to my local farm and bought some good ‘ol raw cow milk.  Then, I popped it in the fridge to wait for the cream (’cause butter is made from cream and I prefer mine to be hormone and antibiotic free thank-you) to rise to the top like this:

Ahhh, separation!
After seeing the magic cream at the top of the milk I scooped it out and put it into my food processor ’cause AS IF I’m going to shake or churn this stuff by hand…no way!
Scooping out the cream

Next I pushed “on” and let marvelous electricity do it’s thing to the cream.  Now, this step take several minutes and the cream morphs through a few stages.  First it is just liquid blending away:

First stage of blending into butter
Then it becomes frothy and whipped (hence whipped cream!)  If you desired whipped cream then you could stop here because the next phase is butter. 
Whipping into cream
Oh sooooo quickly after beautiful whipped cream does it becomes not so beautiful butter.  It happens fast…like split second material!  One minute it’s foamy and then BAM, curds of dark yellow butter!  They call this “when the cream seizes.”   And seizes it does.
Butter showing it’s face
 If you like Buttermilk, which (gag) I do not, make sure to keep the liquid around the butter because that is Buttermilk.  I dumped mine down the drain and strained the butter:
Strained Butter

Not done yet!  Now if you want your butter to actually last then you have to get rid of the butter milk residue or it will make the butter go south and sour quickly.  Use ice-cold water (my tap just happens to be THAT cold) and rinse until the water is clear.

Rinsing the butter milk off of the newly birthed butter
You are now ready to salt (if you dig it – I do) and shape your butter.  Because I had a little helper and we were making a BIG mess, I decided not to go over the top with the creativity and just plunked it into a plastic container.  BUT you can place the butter in molds and shape it as desired before placing in the fridge.  Again, I just clumped mine in a somewhat questionable rectangular shape and found a container for it to live in until consumption.
My butter 🙂
I made this butter from 1 gallon of raw cow milk cream.  We aren’t crazy butter consumers so I bet this will last us awhile.  Surprisingly, it actually tastes good…like real butter!  You know how practically everything that is made at home to replace that prized store-bought item never tastes the same?  Well, this is one item that is almost a dead ringer for the store-bought material.
I still can’t believe it’s butter.  I’ve been a consumer far too long and I’m gettin’ back to the basics but I draw the line at a butter churner!  I heart my cuisnart tooooo much!!

One response to “I Can’t Believe It’s Butter!!!

  1. Thats AWESOME!! It’s like Buttah! Can’t wait to whip up some of my own! Also, bought some store bought Kefir….and Kaden can’t get enough of it! I finally told him its exactly like what you made! He’s like “well can we make some of our own??” YAY!!! Now I know it will not go to waste!

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