Get your TAN on!

L’oreal Sublime Bronze instant action, Coppertone Gradual Tan, and Dove self tanning lotion

 If you are alive and breathing then you most likely heard about all the damage the beautiful sun does to our skin.  If you’re teens-20’s then you may have the “nothings gonna happen to me” attitude and still bath in  UV rays.  Been there and LOVED it.  I even have the skin damaged, photo pigmentation changes to prove it.  Back in the day it was baby oil and iodine to stain your skin– oh yea!!  Some brave souls even broke out the Criso oil but I just couldn’t get past the sizzling meat image.  However, I was a total sun freak and got my freak on proudly.  But, sigh I had to stop as I was visually scared by one too many wrinkled, elderly beach pruned raisins…I mean, women.  Thigh skin should remain on the thighs and NOT droop below the knees…chest skin should not have more folds than a paper fan and human skin should not resemble that of an Elephant. 

 Now, if you are anything like me and desire to ward off more wrinkles than necessary but want to do it with some color, then you may find yourself considering the world of self tanners.  I must say that they have come ALONG way from their original creation and there are a TON to choose from.  Have you found yourself standing in front of rows of self tanners asking yourself which one to buy?  I do every season and sometimes I walk away with either a dozen (exaggeration…well, kinda) or not a one depending on my mood, frustration level and how many of my kids I have with me at the time.  Some of the tanners are streakless, some are creams or lotions, some are sprays, some are tinted brown and gel-like, some are instant and wash off, and on and on and on!  Enough.  Just give me some color!!  AND preferably not the orangish color that screams “I applied a self tanner!”

 So here’s what I’m gonna do.  I bought three (cheaper brands – there is a whole other world of $20 and above self-tanners) and I will test these babies out and let you know which ones I like.  Oh, I just remembered that I have the spray type too.  Costco bulk special of last year.  I’ll have to dig it out of my closet and hopefully it isn’t toxic.  Also, my baby girl who radiates natural color is also testing them with me so we will have a good idea of how it effects a milky, pale, blood drained person like myself and a beautiful, golden, tropical beauty like my daughter.  She has been using the lotion type (Dove) and I must tell you that it is nice.  The only down side is it takes at least a week to achieve some color.  But if you have the time, it is super easy to apply and blend so gone are the clumped orange areas, darker knees, elbows and ankles.  So far it looks very natural but then again she is lovely.  I must try it on my whiter than white body and see if I make any children cry. 

 Stay tuned……


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