Sparkling like a vampire

A ton of sparkles – although not so evident in this photo

Just a short review 24hr after using the L’oreal sublime instant bronzer on my pale, milky body.  Well, it does give color!  However, you must watch out for color clumps, massive callus, cuticle and under the fingernail uptake (making these areas freakishly dark) that plague most self tanners.  You really have to WASH your hands well – like scrub the skin off well!!!  Also, the “bronzer” means it has sparkles that will give you a Twilight Vampy appearance when you hit sunlight – above and below.

Sparkles where sparkles shouldn’t be

I haven’t noticed this problem with the lotions.  They are more subtle but also take at least a week to give color.  With the instant Bronzer I awoke transformed into a lovely somewhat tan specimen with sparkling skin.


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