Pumpkin, Carrot and other varieties of ORANGE!

Ok here’s the quickie verdict.  The winner of the best self tanner goes to…….Coppertone gradual tan lotion!!

The reason?  Well the L’oreal sublime instant bronzer turned my beautiful daughter carrot orange.  Darn, I wish I had pictures but no joke…she was a pumpkin!  My little pumpkin, literally.  Her color was harsh and the natural light outside almost made her appear neon flourescent!  Worse than the chicks on Jerseylicious — yes, that is possible believe it or not!  However, she did not find her new color amusing and spent over an hour in the shower scrubbing herself raw while I laundered our stained clothing.   I did not have a dramatic color change like she did because after one application (she used it for two days in a row) I could see the tale-tale signs that Peter Cotton Tail may be hopping down my bunny trail! 

Yes, the L’oreal self-tanner is instant as it claims and gives color within 24 hours but it is difficult to use, is prone to streaks and orange clumpish spots and stains anything within reach even though it claims to be a no transfer product.  It is also sticky and stinky.  It smells of chemicals like most of the bottled tans.  Products like it are the reason why I convulse and wrinkle my nose at the mere mention of self-tanners.

BUT the Coppertone lotion is white and creamy like regular lotion.  It does not stain, does not transfer, does not streak or clump and takes the win hands down.  The Dove lotion is also fab but it takes a little longer to work.  Which reminds me that these lotions take at least a week to build any resemblance of color.  Although after being turned into a pumpkin I’m sure my lovely girl would welcome gradual!


2 responses to “Pumpkin, Carrot and other varieties of ORANGE!

  1. Oh No! To die of embarrassement for a 13 yr old! After I stop laughing, I offer my sympathy!

  2. Oh Yes! She was BRIGHT orange and went to school like that on Monday!! Once she hit the natural light outside and then the school lights inside it was outrageous how orange she was!! Thankfully that was the day we had to leave early so she only suffered for a few hours.

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