Blame it on the Boys!!

Oh, I forgot…did I mention that the L’oreal self tanner stinks?  Most bottled tans do so I was not surprised however, what I was not prepared for was the Neutrogena spray self-tanner.  We used this one as well and turned our bathroom into a thick foggy chemical haze.  It was bad.  When we were done the floor had a sticky residue that even freaked out the boys who usually bring the disgusting into our home and are phased by very little.  When I woke up the next morning and walked into the bathroom I ran into a wall of stench.  It resembled urine and could easily be blamed on the trigger happy males in our home.  However, being mature and responsible  having used self tanners before I knew immediately that this smell was from the chemical in a bottle tan. 

Enter daughter:  “UGH! MOM, The bathroom smells like pee!”  Fighting the urge once again to blame it on the boys, I explained that it was from the spray tan haze we created and that I used Clorox on the floors.  It should get better. 

12 hours later:  The smell is still present and even the boys are complaining.  The sink and every surface have been cleaned.  Clorox has been doing its thing on the floors yet the smell still lingers.

24 hours later:  Rotten, rank — the smell persists.  The youngest has a little Sponge Bob toilet seat (below) that he places on the big toilet seat when he has to poo and occasionally  it will get splashed with pee.  My daughter “Mom, I think it is his toilet seat.  It has to be!”  Low blow.  She tried to blame it on the boys?  Now, where would she get that idea?  I explained that on average there is more nasty on the main toilet seat than his little seat and that it would take a whole lot of gross to stench up the entire bathroom.  So we concluded that the self tanner has to be on the walls, the woodwork, the shower curtain and the bathroom curtains.  Like an alien life form it has permeated our living space and is sinking into the pores of our home.

baby boy's bathroom luxury

Today:  The washing machine is groaning as it runs full speed. I have vowed to eradicate this urine-mimicking chemical from our home.  and if all else fails I can always blame it on they boys or take the high road and pin it on the Sponge Bob seat!


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