Memorial Day festivities with a bunch of hillbillies

Our memorial day begins on the patio of my parents…
With lots of food…
Eating cake 🙂
And fun…
Playing with water balloons
Harmonizing with nature…
They hear something
A gift from the boys
Sharing the goods from the bone heist on their dog cousins kennel
Too busy to notice the towering giant
The old teaching the young…
Learning the ancient art of how to “break your finger.”
…and drive the golf cart.
Welcoming those returning with spoils from the river raid [fishish]…
The prized fisherman with a Beaver stick
Marking of the Beaver who used to own this stick
Playing some good ol’ fashion Baseball…
Bringing the heat
Bringing the humor
Sitting back taking a break….
It’s been a good day!
So many memories swirling in my mind
…and pondering the events of yet another great family time!

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