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The feel of fabric

It is common knowledge that my youngest is a fashionista.  From the time he was two he has been picking out his own outfits and they look amazing.  I was in total shock when he began to dress himself and I didn’t have to re-dress him.  He matches prints and colors and takes great pride in how he looks.  He styles his own hair and asked if he could grow it out a little for the “skater” look.  So I was a little surprised when he came out of his room yesterday looking like this…

Plaid overkill that will go in the album as how he dressed himself NOT how mom dressed him
When I asked him what inspired his outfit and hair he shrugged and said he matched the feel of the fabric (cotton) and not the colors or prints.  And the hair, well I was told it was supposed to look that way to go along with the mismatched theme.  True, I was in a state of open mouth awe.  But we were leaving in a few minutes for church and I had to determine whether to let him leave the home like this.  Just so you know, I have been known (on many, many occasions) to let my kids go out in public in their artistically inspired outfit creations.  Once my oldest went to Wal-Mart in the dead of summer wearing neon green shorts with knee-high black leather winter boots.  And you can just imagine the looks I got.  But hey, it was Wal-Mart — we fit right in.                                                                                                                                           
So what to do now…
While I was debating he ran down the hall and came back out for a drink looking like this……
This fashion stuff makes me thirsty
He said he decided that brown pants looked better after all.  Ahhhh, crisis adverted and off to church we went.  So, would I have let him go out looking like that?  What do you think?

Not so invited guests

For those of you who may have heard about my nature loving youngest child’s “friends” he invited to live in our home we now have a “must pass visual inspection” policy before any outside guests are permitted into our home.  Some of you may wonder what happened…yes?  Well I was preoccupied with dinner and Mr. nature loving was in his state of bliss exploring outside.  I vaguely recall him mentioning something about some “new friends” he wanted to bring home and I vaguely recall my distracted “uh-huh.”  However, it wasn’t until weeks several days later when I heard the screams of disgust coming from his two older siblings that I realized in horror he had invited an entire clan of tent worms to spawn in our home.  And happily spawning they were!!  They had hit the predator free lottery and the little critters were joyfully oozing and multiplying in MY HOME!!!!  They were rapidly evicted once we discovered them but it took months weeks to get the stragglers out of our human domain.

I’m happy to announce that since the passing of the visual inspection decree I have spared our home from many, many unwelcomed guests.  The biggest sigh of relief…whew-wee style…comes from stopping the entrance of several unhatched spider eggs.  The thoughts of those little buggers hatching and living among us…UGH, waves of shivering grossness.

This is his most recent friend whom he named Moses:

Mommy is is OK for Moses to come in and play?
Why the name Moses?  When I said he could play outside with his new discovery he “cleaned” (a.k.a. flooded) the porch with water, placed the moth on a push broom, and pushed all the water off the porch.  Hence, the critter was Christened Moses!

Capturing Josh

Can one photo sum up an individual?  Can a shot capture a person?  Maybe not fully but this one came pretty darn close!

AND a few hours after I took the above photo he strolled through the kitchen and paused briefly….

Are you getting the theme?

Implementing plan B on a beautiful day

The sun is in full blast.  The humidity is zilch (a rare occasion).  There is a nice breeze blowing.  Ahhh, it is a GORGEOUS day and I have all these plans that I’d like to do with the kids but, sigh, I am confined to my home.  You see, our A/C is on the blitz (again) and we have a repair appt. scheduled for the ridiculous FIVE (count ’em 1-2-3-4-5!) window of 8a-1p.  I was up bright and early in the hopes that the repair men would be a’knockin on my door at 8a sharp.  But BECAUSE I was up so early they chose not to come.  However, if I decided to sleep in then I guarantee you they would be on my door step at 7:45am wearing big smiles and I would have been forced to greet them with bed head, stinky breath and garbed in my PJ’s.  Isn’t that the way it always is????  Why???

But then I remembered that we had this guy…..

And my son did the honors of hooking him up…..

His younger brother was all excited – whining, begging and barking out orders for him to hurry so they could play in the h2o.  He wore his butt scratching pose which he does when he is in full command mode…..

C’mon hurry.  Pull it up more.  Move it over. A little more.  Faster!  You’re taking too long!

By the way he was issuing commands I though for sure he would be diving right in.  But then I noticed something…..he moved AWAY from the tiki man and got the “I don’t know about this” serious look on his face.

I better move back a little and give my commands from back here
Maybe, I really don’t want to get wet with turbo powered jet water….. 
His older brother was ready to rumble with the tiki and as he does with everything in life he did not hold back…..

This might hurt!




Time for this end!

Mama, give me a HUG!!!


OOOWWWW! You’d think I’d learn!!
While my older son was in full force seeing how many of his body orifices he could shoot with high powered H2O, the youngest was still….like this….
I just don’t know about this……it looks painful….someone could get hurt….it might be too cold….
Ultimately he decided that he felt more comfortably giving the orders from a dry, safe place behind his brother…..

Be careful.  Maybe you can tighten the hose a little….
And in case you are wondering where the female child in our family was during these activities well, wonder no more….

Chillin’ free of boys and water….ahhh life is good to me.

Summer, Hippies and Hoes

The place of my conception???


Our summer is in full swing and I love it!!  I love the carefree schedule that summer brings.  The chill out, peace, love and be happy days of summer.  The more I think about my emotional make-up I become increasingly convinced that my parents were closet hippies and I was conceived in a flower power van during a make love, not war convention.  I am so chill that reefer could be my middle name…but I’ll stick with Ann.  

The clouds part, the heavens open, a light shines forth and a majestic voice is heard saying "I can't believe she's fishing!"


What have we been doing?  Absolutely nothing yet everything!  We take this time to focus on the important things in our lives which are people.  Our days are filled with family, friends and of course fun! Fun that is, until the words I expected were sung throughout our home– the aggravating wail of “I’m BORED” — and just one mere week into summer break too!  So this chilled out person kicked everyone outside equipped with hoes, rakes, diggers and whatever I could find in the shed and told them to go show my garden and yard some love.  I felt proud.  I nipped that boredom in the bud. Yes. I. Did.  

Buuut, then I realized this single act of forced labor may come back to haunt me.  Why?  Because my youngest could be heard shouting “c’mon hoe let’s go love on mom’s yard.”  Yep.  Priceless, I know.  And I even laughed…a little, until I visualized the repercussions of being out in a very public place and…you get it.  He loves to repeat new found adjectives and has done so before (click to read)…quite well!

Of course these words spoken in innocence caused the older two to burst out into convulsions of uncontrollable laughter which encouraged him to shout even louder…aaannnddd a vicious cycle is born.  

Sigh, note to self: NEVER give a 5-year-old a hoe and tell him to love on your yard because he’s likely to form a complete sentence.

According to Sam

Sam has been on a word defining kick lately so I thought I’d write a couple of them down before I forget.

Here are the definitions according to Sam:

Psychomaniac (he pronounces pyscho-mean-ee-act) – A person who is psycho, and mean, and acts out.

Hillbilly – A person who lives on a hill and is in love with billy goats so they have a lot of them.

Killer  (he pronounces kill-her)- A person who kills mostly girls.

Makeup – when a girl puts stuff on her face and says “I’m sorry.”

These were just too cute to forget.  I’ll add more as he continues to define his world.