Not so invited guests

For those of you who may have heard about my nature loving youngest child’s “friends” he invited to live in our home we now have a “must pass visual inspection” policy before any outside guests are permitted into our home.  Some of you may wonder what happened…yes?  Well I was preoccupied with dinner and Mr. nature loving was in his state of bliss exploring outside.  I vaguely recall him mentioning something about some “new friends” he wanted to bring home and I vaguely recall my distracted “uh-huh.”  However, it wasn’t until weeks several days later when I heard the screams of disgust coming from his two older siblings that I realized in horror he had invited an entire clan of tent worms to spawn in our home.  And happily spawning they were!!  They had hit the predator free lottery and the little critters were joyfully oozing and multiplying in MY HOME!!!!  They were rapidly evicted once we discovered them but it took months weeks to get the stragglers out of our human domain.

I’m happy to announce that since the passing of the visual inspection decree I have spared our home from many, many unwelcomed guests.  The biggest sigh of relief…whew-wee style…comes from stopping the entrance of several unhatched spider eggs.  The thoughts of those little buggers hatching and living among us…UGH, waves of shivering grossness.

This is his most recent friend whom he named Moses:

Mommy is is OK for Moses to come in and play?
Why the name Moses?  When I said he could play outside with his new discovery he “cleaned” (a.k.a. flooded) the porch with water, placed the moth on a push broom, and pushed all the water off the porch.  Hence, the critter was Christened Moses!

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