The feel of fabric

It is common knowledge that my youngest is a fashionista.  From the time he was two he has been picking out his own outfits and they look amazing.  I was in total shock when he began to dress himself and I didn’t have to re-dress him.  He matches prints and colors and takes great pride in how he looks.  He styles his own hair and asked if he could grow it out a little for the “skater” look.  So I was a little surprised when he came out of his room yesterday looking like this…

Plaid overkill that will go in the album as how he dressed himself NOT how mom dressed him
When I asked him what inspired his outfit and hair he shrugged and said he matched the feel of the fabric (cotton) and not the colors or prints.  And the hair, well I was told it was supposed to look that way to go along with the mismatched theme.  True, I was in a state of open mouth awe.  But we were leaving in a few minutes for church and I had to determine whether to let him leave the home like this.  Just so you know, I have been known (on many, many occasions) to let my kids go out in public in their artistically inspired outfit creations.  Once my oldest went to Wal-Mart in the dead of summer wearing neon green shorts with knee-high black leather winter boots.  And you can just imagine the looks I got.  But hey, it was Wal-Mart — we fit right in.                                                                                                                                           
So what to do now…
While I was debating he ran down the hall and came back out for a drink looking like this……
This fashion stuff makes me thirsty
He said he decided that brown pants looked better after all.  Ahhhh, crisis adverted and off to church we went.  So, would I have let him go out looking like that?  What do you think?

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