Plasticware and the OCD cat

If you have read my posts you must know of my youngest son’s fondness for nature, wildlife, creepy crawlies and all other sorts of critters.  You also know of the necessary passage of the ‘must pass visual inspection before coming into the home’ rule.  This inspection was passed after a horrific event that I am still receiving deliverance from.

Our cat seems to have developed a fetish for snakes and has caught a bunch this summer.  Usually their lifeless bodies, which are positioned just so (he also seems to be a little OCD) is what we are greeted with on our back porch.  Once he had these two friendlies waiting for us…..

Positioned by our OCD cat
The kids were playing outside a few days ago when the nature lovin’ youngest excitedly ran in with a new friend who was saved from the jaws of our cat.  He wanted to see if  ‘it’ would be permitted in our home.  Holding my breath I rounded the corner and found this on my counter….                              


….and suddenly I was thankful that I had the sense to place the plasticware where he could reach it!!!! 

One response to “Plasticware and the OCD cat

  1. With all the interest in slithering things, you better teach Sam to tell the difference between “cute” and wildlife with “rattles” on the end!

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