Jock sand:a common beach side effect

I do have other children this, I know.   But the oldest insists on editing my every photography moment or covers her face or turns her back (hence all the back shots of the child!)  The second is a willing specimen when he is around but again it is like pulling teeth to get some shots.  But the baby, ah the baby….he is still attached via his umbilical cord.  I promise I wear that child 90% of the day.  I trip over him, I bump into him and I don’t even think about doing a quick turn or I will send him flying across the room.  He closely follows me everywhere.  I have to insist on privacy in the bathroom which works about 1/4 of the time.  So when it comes to pictures or stories I have a ton to share of him because he is fused to my very being.

As many of you know, he is a character.  While on the beach in Canada he enjoyed rolling in the waves.  The waves were strong and knocked him on his backside more times than I could count.  Often I just saw a tuff of black hair mixed in with the bubbles and knew he was goning to be delivered on the beach soon.  The event from start to finish looked something like this….


Now repeat this over and over a gazillion times and that was his beach experience.  Common sense and personal experience will tell you that sand is bound to enter sensitive areas from all of that rolling around.  I began to wonder to myself how his jock area was holding up but quickly dismissed the idea….until he approached me wearing this expression….

….and loudly proclaiming “I have sand in my weinis!”  Yes, I’m capitalizing on these moments while they last.  Faces and memories like this one almost make up for the lack of privacy.  And the next time he barges in on my bathroom time I will simply smile as I think about adding this photo to the childhood section of his wedding video 🙂

One response to “Jock sand:a common beach side effect

  1. OMGoodness!
    I had no idea what direction this article was headed… What a surprise ending!
    Poor Sammy… Hope he’s better soon. =)
    And I totally understand adding this photo to the childhood section of his wedding video.

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